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All-Star Outfitters Team Building

Theoretically based
Practically applied
Customized to meet the goals of the organization

“The perfect learning environment, where dreams and ideas flow into reality.”


“On The River” Team-building
All-Star Outfitters has a series of experimental activities and process sessions that allow teams not only to investigate and refine how they solve problems and adapt, but also to develop different strategies for new markets and conditions.

In this program your river guide is also your facilitator. As you float down river your facilitator will present simple problems, such as finding the best route down river. We will pull over several times to debrief and reflect on components, which can either block or enhance the problem solving process. We will talk about and consider strategies that will lead to a higher functioning team.

Facilitators will take what they learn about the group and create an exercise that will bring out potential problems. They will require the group to assess its resources, make a plan and work towards a common goal. Once they have successfully completed their task, the river trip resumes.

From these activities, teams can take learning and questions back to the office for application to existing problems and challenges.

4 hour “On The River Team-building”:
Experiential team-building on the Upper McKenzie River.
Class II and III rapids. Self-bailing rafts. Lunch and beverage included. $90 per person
Shuttle included.

6 hour “On The River Team-building”: $130


3 hour “Chili Cook Off” Team-building:
Your group, broken into teams to see who can make the best chili. Side dishes, aprons, chef’s hat and beverage included. $40 per person.


On The Road Challenge Course & Team-Play Sports Team-building.
Let us bring our portable challenge course to you for your next corporate picnic or school event. Elements include the Spiders Web, Bridge is Out, trollies and many more. Our highly skilled facilitators will help you plan and organize your next team-building event. $40 per person + mileage.

Team-Play Sports Team-building is a customized program developed to maximize your sports teams potential.  We focus on goal setting, vision casting and experiencing exercises that are similar to situations that may come up in a sporting event or game.  We talk about solutions to problems that we experience in the team-building and work towards a common goal so the problems can be overcome easier in the game.


All-Star Outfitters has consistently facilitated excellent team-building activities for our Resident Life staff at Southwestern Oregon Community College. This will be our sixth year participating in the “On The River” team-building program. We return every year because they offer foundational experiences developing trust, support and critical thinking. This is the perfect learning environment that allows our individual leaders to come together. Every year we take on enormous challenges and leave with a sense of accomplishment and team cohesiveness.
 Jeremy Jones
Director of Student Housing
Southwestern Oregon Community College

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