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The adventure of a lifetime awaits…….Go with the pros!  The perfect adventure……where dreams flow into reality. Whether it’s wild or mild that you desire……it’s All Star Outfitters that you should hire.  High in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon sits the majestic McKenzie River where you can dream about casting a fly in a crystal clear pool full of giant Red-Side Rainbows. Captain “WILD MATTY” and pro guide crew look forward to seeing you on the river soon! 

FULL DAY FISHING RATE:    $400 for two people in a heated drift boat. Includes deli-style lunch and top quality gear.

BIG BOAT FULL DAY FISHING:  $525 for three people in a heated raft with deluxe fishing platforms. Includes breakfast and lunch and all gear.  This boat was designed after Owner Matt O’Neil went on an Olympic Peninsula guided Steelhead trip in a raft.  Careful planning went into the contstruction of the frame and parts.  This is a seven foot wide boat that has the comfort and seating of a drift boat. We are the only company in the industry that offers a guided trip in a boat that can comfortably fish three.

Fall Chinook & Winter Steelhead Fishing

Upper McKenzie Trout Fishing Adventures


Life Cycle of the Chinook Salmon:

The natural cycle of fall Chinook Salmon is an incredible adventure in survival.  Beginning with the eggs being deposited in a gravel nest, or redd, the many faces of nature take their toll.  While each adult spawning pair will leave 3,000 to 6,000 eggs in the gravel, only a relative few will survive to hatch.  Even fewer will emerge from redds as free-swimming fry.  Over the next year….predators, disease, flood, drought and pollution reduce the numbers of fish surviving to the smolt stage, when young salmon undergo the physiological changes necessary to migrate to the Pacific Ocean.  After one to six years in the ocean feeding of krill, crab spawn, herring, shrimp, squid, anchovies and other fish species, Chinook Salmon mature to the spawning physiology.  They use their keen sense of smell to find the way back to their native streams.  As adult salmon enter fresh water they lose the ability to digest food, so they survive to spawn by using the energy reserves stored in fat, flesh, blood and bones.  After spawning, most salmon die, but in death they contribute valuable nutrients to their native streams.


Trolling for Fall Chinook


For information on trolling for Chinook Salmon in Oregon’s coastal waters please call Pro Guide Todd Linklater: 541-484-5557 or go to:




After getting skunked my last 5 trips, I decided to book a steelhead trip with All-Star Outfitters for the Siuslaw River. It was a GREAT decision, as I landed THREE steelhead. Two were large, chrome-bright natives. Thank you All-Star Outfitters for putting me on the fish! ~ David Seater – Springfield, Oregon


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